Window Cleaning


I pride my business on perfection, honesty and reliability. I have cleaned everything from huge beach-front bay windows to homes with thousands of small french panes. Operating this business for 33 years I’ve cleaned every type of windows. AND I’ve worked on celebrity homes as big as 31,000 Sq Ft. (that’s THOUSAND) …you can’t imagine cleaning that much house, WOW!

Our expertise is in taking take of your home like YOU would, and maybe even cleaner! Our over one thousand dedicated customers is testament to the quality and longevity of my business. Trust your home to only the very best in our area… Assets Window Cleaning Services!

Solar Panel Cleaning


If your Solar Panels look DIRTY…they are DIRTY! However, for a variety of reasons solar panels can “look” clean, and still be dirty enough to completely reduce efficiency; the whole reason you had them installed! Looking clean doesn’t necessarily mean they are clean. Airborne dirt comes from a variety of sources like wild fires, bird droppings, dust, leaves, etc.. This is compounded by the fact that solar panels are usually mounted in a horizontal position. In order to get all the energy you’re paying for from your photovoltaic system, the panels must be kept clean. at least TWICE a year is recommended by the manufacturer. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and other sources estimate that solar array efficiency can be reduced by 20%, or more, if the panels are allowed to get dirty. In some cases, the panels can even be permanently damaged by dirt and debris infecting the array inside the panels also. 

Gutter Cleaning


I have found that gutter cleaning is something that is only needed AFTER its too late! Raingutters filled with leaves, dirt and debris pose a serious risk to your home. Backed-up raingutters will overflow and cause major water damage to your home. Please, if you haven’t cleaned or even looked at your gutters in years give us a call BEFORE you recognize a problem. It’s an easy fix, we come out and assess the difficulty of the house, quote you a small price and then remove debris, clean the downspouts and flush the entire system. You’ll never worry again, that’s our promise! 

Pressure Washing


Cleaning the exterior of your home will make the biggest difference in the look of your home and save you from painting the entire house every couple years. Not to mention cleaning the spiders (which here in the conejo valley are always a menace.) Its always a great idea to wash the exterior of your home before any annual window cleaning. It removes unseen dirt and debris so your home will look more beautiful than you imagined!

Commercial Route Work


Other than your personal residence, we only specialize in store-front route work. We can service your business weekly or monthly depending upon your budget, amount of traffic, or how often they get seriously dirty. Give us a call today!

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Sincerely, John James Santangelo