How long have you been in business?
I started the company in 1982 and have personally operated the business the entire time (and I’m only 35 yrs old :- )   And Yes, I have been licensed since the year I started!

Can you estimate my home without coming out to see it?
Yes, since I have cleaned every type and size of home in the conejo valley and surrounding areas I KNOW our neighborhoods like my own. And now with the power of Google maps I can zoom in to your area and see a likeness to give you an exact estimate while we are on the phone.

Are there any size homes that you will NOT do?
In most cases we will do any size home, although we do specialize in medium and large homes. We will do SMALL condos and apartments on your request. (only because I have alot of expensive hobbies!) LOL

Who works for you?
As I said above it has been me the entire time working with each client. The only other person I have trusted with my business and your home was my brother for 12 years. He now has a life ;- ) and has moved on. I have since hired a good friend I’ve personally trained that has worked with me for the last 8 years, I trust him explicitly with MY business and YOUR home!

Have you ever had any problems or broke anything?
I wish I could say No but that wouldn’t be honest. Though nothing’s happened that you would consider big. I’ve only broken a couple SMALL windows, that is it… which I PROMPTLY fixed right away! I take great care of my clients… that’s who we are!

Are you competitive in your prices?
Yes, I am very competitive. Though I am not the cheapest. If you are looking for the lowest price I AM NOT YOUR GUY!  You will sacrifice QUALITY & TRUST for price if you go with someone else trying to save a couple dollars. And I’m sure saving a couple dollars is not worth the trust and quality you really want, Yes? . YOU WILL FEEL AT PEACE with us in your home… I guarantee it! 

Call or email us to set up a free estimate or an appointment:

Phone (818) 991-6630

Email: AssetsWindowCleaning@gmail.com

Sincerely, John James Santangelo